New Virtual Training Program: HVAC Momentum Training Series
Launch Your HVAC Business Into Summer with the 6 Irreplaceable Skills Today's Top-Performing Companies Are Using to Generate Profit During the "Busy Season."
Your first (or possibly next) heat wave is on its way...

Very soon, the phones will start ringing "off the hook" in HVAC companies across the nation.

And sadly... very soon, precious, profitable opportunities will be lost because companies didn't take advantage of the slower times and train their team to be firing on all cylinders the moment things get busy

To make sure your team is ready when the wave hits, you need one thing, and one thing only: MOMENTUM

Because if you and your people are thinking that you'll automatically be ready to make the most of opportunity when it strikes, think again. 

You need to be prepared to generate maximum profit during the busy season.
That's Why We Created This Six-Part Virtual Training Series.
Starting on May 18, Power Selling Pros and Goodman Manufacturing are partnering up to deliver six 45-minute training sessions that teach the six essential skills today's highest performing HVAC companies are learning to prepare for profit during the "busy season."
  • May 18: How HVAC Leaders can establish a customer-first perspective in every part of their business and foster a culture of unbeatable optimism - build a company where fear has no place and where people feel encouraged by and engaged in their work.
  • May 20: CSRs will learn the outbound calling methods that have helped one company renew 55 maintenance plans in a five-day period - this is the uncommon skill that allows the industry's best companies to uncover opportunity when the phones aren't ringing. 
  • May 25: Technicians will learn how to create a sales environment where homeowners feel safe, comfortable, and ready to buy regardless of their budget restraints - this is especially helpful for technicians who "back off" when they sense that homeowners are feeling trapped.
  • ​May 27: Your entire company will learn the internal communication tactics that foster trust, collaboration, and a bullet-proof sense of possibility and optimism regardless of the current economic climate - these tactics will help you create unique value for each customer and uncover hidden revenue opportunities in every customer conversation. 
  • June 1: Technicians will learn how to present financing options and add-on products in a way that customers appreciate and respond positively to - no more feeling "salesy" or like there is no way a customer will go for your IAQ products. 
  • ​June 3: Your whole team will learn what it takes to implement all of this knowledge and build yourself unstoppable momentum as you rage into the busy season - because knowledge without implementation, is dead. 
All This Business Changing Knowledge for Less Than The Cost of a Blower Motor... 
Only $299.
To put that cost in perspective, you will have more than doubled your return-on-investment if:
  • Your CSRs book just ONE MORE service call with a $600 ticket... 
  •  OR your technicians successfully sells just ONE MORE add-on product with a $1,000 price tag...
  • OR your team collectively renews only five more maintenance plan customers who pay you $20 a month...
And that's with absolute minimum results

(NOTE: If you're a Goodman Dealer, you can pay for this training 100% with accrual funds)
Train your entire team with this six-session MOMENTUM-building training.
If you're still feeling unsure about this, let me ask you a question...

Do you not trust that the training will be that valuable? 


Is it your own decision making process that's getting in the way?

Register for this six-session, $299 HVAC business training NOW. 
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